Sei dir der Sterblichkeit bewusst. Ist ein Symbol der Vanitas, der Vergänglichkeit. 
Weisse Rose als ein Symbol der Vergänglichkeit, Reinheit. Mohn/ Mohnkapsel steht für Vergessen, Traum, Vergänglichkeit, Tod, Schmerzlinderung.
Das Material selbst enthält Geschichte. 
Remember that you have to die. Practice of reflection on mortality, especially as a means of considering the vanity of earthly life


Mindfulness exercise at Kunstraum Niederoesterreich.
From outside it looks like an easy exercise, but I made do it in an extremly concentration.
I was protecting this glass with water- so deep intensive- if a waterdrop falls down " then  a human would die". 
For me it was like..." life and death" are in my hands. This sounds extremly, but so you can feel truly intense. Also is the glass overfull with water and when the wind is blowing you must react about this outside powers. It has to stay in one level all the time and every step of every muscle and breathing needs to be mastered. I forgot everything around me. Then I thought about this exercise...I was protecting this water in the mind- never to one drop. But our body is made around 70% I was thinking, do we take care enough about us self and 
others...This was just a drop of water...but we are all humans.

Stage design model: US-Performance-theater
Modern narration about Psyche and Cupido in Cupidos garden
The beauty of fragile memories, the end of the summer, layers of memories
atmosphere- sensual, poetic, transience, fragile sublimity
Production: projection as a screening on the walls with a beamer, for moving pictures in the "style of Jean-Luc Godard " and yellowing on the edges
the performance artists are acting in the scenery in front of the retro memories and also as actors in the background- film
In the middle there is a water basin filled with knee-high water
The shape refers to David Hockney's pool picture A bigger Splash
Symbolism: summit cross- stands for the achievement of a goal, often after a difficult way, a rise of "arrived" and subsequently the questioning of it
According to Herbert Blau, we never arrive even when we have "arrived" because we always have to leave something behind


Objekt: 40 x 40 x 7 cm
Holz  Karton  Spiegel  Silikatgel  Led Licht